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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to protecting your private information. To help outline and demonstrate our commitment to the security of your privacy, we’ve outlined our policies below. We gather the information here at the best new NJ Limousine company.

“By visiting the website, you agree to comply with the conditions and terms laid forth in this policy. It is part of our terms of service and is subject to these terms. Suppose an individual uses the site on behalf of an entity that is an employee, consultant, or agent. In that case, they warrant that they have the legal authority and ability to bind that entity to this policy. “You” refers to the person accessing the website on behalf of a business entity. “
as well as the business entity itself.

It is crucial to understand that using the website with this privacy policy will subject you to our terms and conditions. Suppose you’re using our website to make reservations on behalf of a company or organization. In that case, you must understand that by doing so, these terms and conditions oblige that person to adhere to our privacy policy.

If unsatisfied with the conditions below, please stop using this website. The continued use of this website is an acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms. We will provide you with the following information:

  • How can we collect and use the information we collect
  • We will not divulge any information.
  • Who is responsible for processing any personal information submitted on this website?
  • How do you erase and revise your personal information or rectify it in any way?
  • How do we secure your personal information?

What constitutes personal information?

The information we safeguard on this website includes any personal information that could enable an individual or entity to contact you or have information regarding you. This includes your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Personal information that is protected includes insurance details, credit card information, secondary contact information, and other personal information.

Anyone who wants to visit our website to look over our NJ limousine service can do so without giving us any of their personal information. The information or images we provide on our website are free for the public to see and don’t require anything in return. Individual data can be collected when a user needs information or materials or reserves one of our NJ Limousine services on our website.

To ensure that you can reserve any limousine or service of ours on the date(s) you need, we strongly suggest booking it on our website as soon as you can. You’ll need to input user data to create valid and complete reservations. User data is the information and contact information of the primary traveler and the person who is paying for the reservation.

After you’ve filled in your details, you can create a profile. This allows for future reservations to be made easily by logging in using either a username or a password.

The information required to create reservations for the first time includes a user’s name, telephone number, email address, and location. In addition, the passenger’s knowledge will be needed for the reservation to be completed. That includes their name, email, number, address dropping off and picking up times/locations, travel plans, and many more.

Other information that may be recorded when you browse our website is your IP address and search patterns. The site gathers this information to identify users who visit our website and track where they are from and what they’re looking for. This information is used to analyze web data and track the activities performed on that specific IP number’s website.

Who has access to your data?

We collect information from website users who visit our website. This includes their computer’s IP address and other information they give us when they sign up for an account or make a reservation. For any data input on our website, we could contract with another company to maintain continuous operation and upgrade our new website.

The data we transfer to an outside company is completely and legally bound. The outdoor company has no legal ownership of the data, nor is it allowed lawfully or morally to utilize any information we obtained for any purpose other than to manage and maintain our website. There are instances where individual data is obtained through outside reservation sources. Still, here at the best new NJ limousine company, we ensure we have all the rights legally granted and permissions to acquire and use that information. You can check with another reservation agent to get our NJ limo service. We suggest you examine their privacy policies and ensure your data is protected. You have the right to ensure that these companies are not affiliated with us, and we will only be responsible for your privacy and security.

What information is disclosed to other parties?

Third-party users are not granted free rein over the information we provide them. Instead, with legal binding, they are only allowed to use the information and data supplied for analytical use and site management. Information gathered on our site can be used to track the number of visitors and what patterns they are following on the site, as well as to make administrative decisions.

Personal information can be disclosed to merchants and companies who help manage our site and limousine services. Additionally, suppose you have asked for a separate company for the limousine service. In that case, we can provide them with various details upon approval to ensure that all reservations and plans follow your request.

We may utilize your data to reserve reservations or for analytical purposes. However, we also have the right to use it for company announcements and promotions. The reasons for the rise include various email announcements, physical mail via the postal service, phone calls, and perhaps faxes. We may not be able to promote your services or offers, but we won’t use the data we have gathered online for any other purposes that are not in line with what we intended.

It is also crucial to remember that any part of our company should be sold or liquidated as part of an important business deal. Any data gathered that we have retained may be offered as part of the sale or deal. It is essential to know that in some instances, massive amounts of data could be released to public officials or promotions. The mass data disclosure will never single out an individual or group of people; however, the goal is to examine all data as a whole.

Data collection, usage, and distribution control

Ultimately, your data is yours to manage. If you’d like to know what information has been taken and how it could be used or shared, you can contact us. It would be best if you also inform us that you do not wish to receive promotional materials from us, like emails or letters. We respect your wishes to keep your privacy private. We are happy to comply with your request for personal information so you can contact us to relay any questions or concerns regarding sharing your data then.

If an official or government authority requires information about reservations or personal information provided to us, we must respond to those requests. The information we provide is not accessible to the general public for free, and we must have legal authorization before we can fulfill any requests.

Personal information can be modified or removed.

There are several ways to change your personal information stored on our website or by our administrators. You’ve got a profile that lets you modify your personal information, reservation information, or information about passengers. You can also alter your username or password on your site profile, ensuring that your personal information is safe and secure.

Another way in which you can update your private information on our site is to contact us directly. Before any details are changed in any way, we need first to verify your identity. If we do this via phone, security inquiries will be made before any information is changed. Be aware that if you contact us via the Internet or with a third party, we aren’t in charge of their privacy policies; therefore, ensure that you are well informed about their policies and practices before eliminating any personal data using their methods to contact them.

Should you wish to erase and erase any of the personal data that are stored on our site, It is imperative to contact us and let us help you. We can ensure that the information you request is deleted and that no outside organizations or businesses can access that specific piece of information from us. Remember that archived data and old storage databases could still contain that information. However, we’ll endeavor to eliminate all records of the data that you want to erase.

Our website is located in the United States of America and thus falls under its laws and rules. If you’re from a different country, your data may be transferred to the USA when you continue to use our website.

Please keep in mind that this privacy policy may be modified at any time. We will inform users of any changes and request their consent to the new privacy policies.


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